SWAADHYAY is a Self-Study Digital Learning Portal, developed by the ICFAI University, Jharkhand, to facilitate its students to learn by self-study, at any time, from anywhere. During the Lock-Down of Jharkhand State, it enables its students to continue their studies, without any interruption.

Digital Content for SWAADHYAY was developed by the faculty members of the ICFAI University, Jharkhand as per the curricula of its programs.

The Digital Content in SWAADHYAY consists of PPTs, Bullet Notes, Case Studies, Video Links, assignments etc. After studying the course material on the portal, students are required to take an online Quiz so that they get feedback on their learning.

Course Material in SWAADHYAY can be accessed by the registered IUJ students, using Desk Top, Lap Top or Smart Phone, using User ID and Password. After studying the course material uploaded during a week, students are required to undergo an online quiz/ test to get feedback on their self-learning. Assignments are also posted on the portal, which need to done by the students and posted on the portal.

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